Top 10 Myths

SEO Information on the Top Myths to Do With Search Engines

June 16th, 2016

The reason SEO myths live on is that as much as search engines help us find information on everything, the proprietary nature of their algorithms makes it impossible for the companies that own them to share with the world everything about how they actually work. Let’s look at some SEO information about the top myths and urban legends that exist around the way these devices operate.

Our first myth is this – that using an XML site map on your website reputedly gets you better Google rankings. Actually, when Google helpfully comes forward with SEO information on a particular myth, there is no reason for it to continue to persist. Somehow though, it still does even after Google on its Webmaster Central blog puts out a release that says that a site map does not affect the ranking of your pages. If your XML site map does in fact affect your rankings, it is only so far as it helps Google quickly index all your pages that it has any function at all. What an XML site does therefore is, it gets you the ranking you deserve more quickly than you otherwise would. It doesn’t get you a higher ranking.

Our second myth is a good and believable-sounding one – it’s that with the rising popularity of search engine personalization, getting a top search ranking is a thing of the past. This is a good one because it does sound likely. But personalization doesn’t change the way search results are handled on Google or any other search engine too drastically. Unless it’s a query that Google has seen you make often before, it treats any general query on Google as a regular one. There may be one or two results that get shuffled about with personalization turned on. Most search results though, remain exactly as they always would.

Last on our list of believable-sounding search engine optimization myths, comes the one that says that you can’t ever get to the top of the rankings unless you update your home page every single day with new content. There are plenty of webpages that make it to the top of Google’s rankings without ever having been updated for years. It all depends on how much of an authority a page is considered to be in the subject it deals in. If it is considered one, it can get away without any updating for a long time.

SEO information that dispels myths can be really important. Incorrect SEO techniques can cost you the success in your business. Here’s hoping that these myth busters help.